At TELGENHOFF & OETGEN we prioritize tax planning as an integral part of our clients’ success. With the constant change of tax law, interpretations and opportunities our tax consultants make it a personal responsibility to keep their knowledge current and to communicate relevant and up to date information directly to clients.

TELGENHOFF & OETGEN strives for creativity, innovation and anticipation to minimize short and long-term exposure to tax.  We will assist you with:

  • Tax Planning & Compliance
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Personal Tax Planning
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Cross-Border Tax Planning
  • International Assignee Services
  • Wills and Trusts Structuring and Planning
  • Corporate Reorganizations
  • HST, GST and Commodity Taxation
  • Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Research and Development (SR&D) Tax Incentives
  • Canada Revenue Agency Audit Assistance and Negotiation
  • U.S. & International Tax Planning and Compliance

TELGENHOFF & OETGEN takes a proactive approach to all your tax planning efforts.